Cornwall resident wins big with Instant BINGO

Provided by OLG
Cornwall resident wins big with Instant BINGO
Lisa Cheesman.

CORNWALL, Ontario – BINGO! Lisa Cheesman of Cornwall won a $250,000 prize with INSTANT BINGO MULTIPLIER (Game #3076).

“I love playing INSTANT BINGO,” shared Lisa, an account manager, while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up her winnings.

The married 48-year-old says she was shocked when she noticed she won big. “At first I thought I only won $30!” she explained. “I was shocked when I realized it was much more.”

“My mom, husband, and daughter were all in disbelief. My daughter immediately said, ‘Can I get a new car?'” she laughed.

Lisa plans to upgrade her vehicle, renovate her kitchen and save the rest of her winnings.

“This is surreal,” she concluded.

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