Council passes $60K winter recreation plan for Lamoureux Park

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By Nick Seebruch
Council passes $60K winter recreation plan for Lamoureux Park
The 2018 Toboggan Party in Lamoureux Park. Photo credit Andrzej Terrence.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall City Council passed a $60,000 plan to bring winter recreational activities and lights to Lamoureux Park this winter.

Of the $60,000, $15,000 will be used for temporary Christmas lights around the clocktower, $5,000 to turn the splashpad into a toboggan hill, $25,000 for an insulated ceiling for the washroom at the splashpad, and $15,000 for clearing snow from some of the paths in the park during the winter.

The issue of installing the insulated ceiling for the washroom became a point of contention, with Councillor Dean Hollingsworth asking that the issue be deferred for discussion at budget time, but Councillor Elaine MacDonald criticized that motion as an attempt to turf the idea.

“We are talking about having people use port-a-potties in the winter, what are we a third world whatever,” said Councillor MacDonald.

Other councillors felt that the ceiling was a nice to have, but not a necessity. Those in support of the ceiling pointed out that in administrations report, they offered long term suggestions for permanent installations of lights in the park, and that if the plan was to have residents enjoy the park in the winter time, there should be winterized washrooms.

The use of the Cornwall Civic Complex’s washroom facilities might not be possible this winter due to pandemic restrictions. Parks and Recreation Director Jamie Fawthrop said that he would consult with the health unit on the regulations around these washrooms during the pandemic.

Council decided ultimately to support the installation of a $25,000 ceiling for the washrooms by the splashpad in Lamoureux Park, with Councillors Claude McIntosh, Carilyne Hebert, Maurice Dupelle, Glen Grant, Elaine MacDonald, Justin Towndale, and Mayor Bernadette Clement voting in favour and Councillors Syd Gardiner, Dean Hollingsworth, Eric Bergeron, and Todd Bennett voting against.

“We’ve passed million dollar proposals in 10 minutes and we’ve spent over a half hour on $25,000,” said Councillor Claude McIntosh.

“Let there be light, let there be washrooms. I was around the Council table when we voted to install the splashpad and the washroom and the debate was contentious then,” said Mayor Bernadette Clement, commenting about the similarities between the discussions at that time, and the debate on Monday night.

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