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The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) is pleased to introduce a new program to better serve and work in partnership with our community.

Beginning May 19th, 2023, residents and business owners of Cornwall who have an external facing camera at their location are invited to sign up for the CPS’ Security Camera Registry (SCR).

Time can be of a critical nature in various types of police investigations. Traditionally, officers may be required to canvass neighbourhoods and local businesses to seek out eye witnesses to assist with investigations. With the prevalence of video technology over the last ten years, officers have also gone “door-to-door” or “business-to-business” to seek out relevant video footage/evidence to assist with investigations. This process takes time and resources.

The SCR will allow officers to quickly identify the location of nearby cameras, along with the contact information for the resident or business who is registered, to be used to expedite the canvassing process for frontline resources. Those who register will answer a short list of questions, including contact information and a few details about the camera itself. This information will be stored in a private internal system, to be used and accessed solely by members of the CPS for investigative purposes. If an incident happens in the area of a registrant’s residence or business, police may contact the individual and request to see if the camera captured any relevant footage.

The CPS will not have direct access to any individual or business’ camera feed or footage. In the event there is an investigation in the respective area where video footage may be deemed to help with an investigation, police will reach out to the registrant and ask if the registrant is willing to share any footage the camera may have captured. Registrants may choose to decline to participate at any time.

“In a time when doorbell cameras and security cameras have become so prevalent, the Security Camera Registry can truly help expedite officer time spent looking for where relevant video footage may exist,” said Stephanie MacRae, Director of Corporate Strategy and Communications for the CPS. “This can be especially helpful in time sensitive cases, such as missing person investigations and thefts of motor vehicles, where investigators may be able to identify a last known direction of travel, suspect descriptors, etc. Additionally, a better selection of evidence can also assist officers with solving crimes and identifying suspects.”

The CPS is hopeful that the SCR will be used as an additional tool that can assist with solving crimes and promoting community safety, as we work in partnership towards our vision of, “A Safer Cornwall.”

To learn more about the SCR and to register, please visit our website: https://cornwallpolice.com/en/record-services/services.html/security-camera-registry

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