Hair Hair!

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Hair Hair!

Meet Rylee Paquette. She’s 11 years old and just had 12 inches of hair cut off to donate to the Angel Hair for Kids program run by A Child’s Voice Foundation.

This charity will use the hair and the funds that Rylee is collecting to create wigs for kids undergoing cancer treatments. The wigs are also used for kids who lose their hair from other illnesses, medical conditions, medications and even trauma.

Rylee loved her long hair with beautiful highlights but she also loves the thought of making a child feel better while they are going through such a difficult time in their lives.

You can read more by about the program by visiting If you would like to contribute to her fundraising efforts, please reach out to

Proud parents are Kerry Hug and Stephane Paquette and would be happy to answer any questions. You will also receive an update of the total raised and sent along with the hair. Donations of $25 and above will receive a tax receipt.

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