Jail and Bail today

By Richard Mahoney
Jail and Bail today

Beyond 21’s Jail & Bail fundraiser is on today. The infamous fundraiser has community members and well-known figures spending time “behind bars” for entirely fictitious crimes. Their only hope of freedom lies in raising a combined $21,000 for Beyond 21! This year, the organization is raising funds to help alleviate its waitlist of more than 80 adults with developmental disabilities and launch a new evening and weekend program.

Visit https://beyond21.org/event/jail-and-bail-fundraising-2024 for details.

The jailbirds and their “crimes” are:

  • Todd Bennett – Always helping the Farm Boy team/ promoting Cornwall!
  • Linda Bissonnette – Trying to convert staff to veganism!
  • Ann-Marie Bourgon – Spreading excessive positivity!
  • Will Bray – Saying ‘Thank You’ too many times!
  • Gingie Breadman – Not paying his bus fee!
  • Caitlen Coates – Always looking out for her clients’ best interest!
  • Greg Critch – Being the world’s biggest Flyers fan!
  • Darren Gauthier – Loving the Old Work Vehicle (Crown Victoria) Too Much
  • Kris Frajkor – Being bald and beautiful!
  • Vince Jasiewicz – Keeping the customers too happy
  • Brian Johnston – Working too much!
  • Will Lang – Selling the cars at low prices!
  • Barb Leggett – Disturbing the peace!
  • Adam Lefebvre – Cheering for the Bruins/ taking too many breaks!
  • Chris MacDonald – Being a perpetual prankster!
  • Donna MacGillivray – Jumping ship!
  • Stephen Noseworthy – Telling the worst dad jokes! Ever!
  • Justin Towndale – Not being prepared for speeches!
  • Tina Vanloon – Flirting with customers!
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