Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

While starting my Christmas baking, I noticed my mother’s rolling pin that is over 100 years old and is still going strong. It is a thing of beauty. A wooden marvel with red handles. Then I took out the handheld mixer that I got for a wedding gift 53 years ago it still works like a charm. Next I pulled up my blender which I bought it in the 80s. It’s a life saver and works just fine.

In contrast, I had three breakdowns all in the same week with newer and more expensive items. The fancy toilet needs repairs, but I can only get parts from the manufacturer in the USA. Then I heard a ticking noise in my kitchen. Started at night, and I thought it was a mouse chewing on metal. After weeks of hearing the ticking noise I discovered it was in my refrigerator. Apparently it is the condenser fan that needs replacing. My third problem that one of my burners on my stove died but at least I knew where to get a new one and replaced it.

All of these items are about 13 years old. Now I know what they mean by PLANNED OBSOLESENCE OR INDUSTRY DESIGN. Products designed within intentional limited useful life. This is deliberate shortening of a lifespan to force us to purchase newer models

Get grandma’s stuff out it works better than the new.

Lorraine Lapointe

Bellevue Crescent, Cornwall.

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