Radiothon raises $144K for CCH!

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By Nick Seebruch
Radiothon raises $144K for CCH!
Photo courtesy of the CCHF Facebook page.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The annual Corus Caring Hearts Radiothon raised $144,167.71 in one day on Wednesday, Aug. 25 for the Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH).

Funds raised this year will be used to help treat patients with breast cancer.

“This year’s fundraising project supports state-of-the-art technology for patients with nonpalpable breast cancer. Thanks to sponsors and donors like you, CCH will join a handful of Canadian hospitals offering Breast Seed Localization (BSL). With this new capability, CCH’s diagnostic and surgical teams can help an additional 2-3 patients with breast cancer each month,” said Amy Gillespie, Executive Director of the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation (CCHF) in her Seaway News column on Aug. 4.

Dr. Sahar Shirazi, who joined the CCH in January 2020 and has been working with the hospital to expand its suite of treatments for cancer patients including BSL.

“There’s not that many hospitals in Canada that offer this program,” said Dr. Shirazi. “So, it’s really good to have it in Cornwall..even Vancouver doesn’t offer it yet.”

In addition to funding new cancer treatments, the money raise will also be used to buy urgently needed equipment.

Over the last 15 years, the Corus Caring Hearts Radiothon has raised over $1.2 million for the CCH.

While the Radiothon is over, the need is always present and donations always welcome. To donate to the CCHF, please visit their website.

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