SDC collaborates with All Intentions Matter

The Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area (SDC)
SDC collaborates with All Intentions Matter

The Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area (SDC) is thrilled to announce its collaboration with All Intentions Matter, a community-based youth program dedicated to providing opportunities for young people in Cornwall, Ontario, and surrounding areas.

All Intentions Matter operates with a clear mission: to offer recreational activities and mentorship to support youth in positive community engagement. With a focus on inclusivity and safety, the program aims to empower young individuals, build their autonomy, and provide parents with a well-deserved break.

Under the SDC’s  Incubation Project umbrella, All Intentions Matter will transition into a non-profit organization, furthering its mission to serve the youth of Cornwall and beyond. This collaboration presents a significant opportunity for All Intentions Matter to expand its reach and impact within the community.

Cassandra Forget, Founder and Director of All Intentions Matter, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Working with the Social Development Council of Cornwall under the incubation project will allow us to offer these activities as a non-profit. It will promote additional networking exposure through relationships they have already established within our community. Our hope is to continue our meaningful youth activities and to reach a larger more of our population.”

One of the key benefits of this collaboration is the support provided by SDCCA in grant applications. Currently reliant on parental funding for operational costs, All Intentions Matter will now have the opportunity to apply for grants, ensuring financial sustainability and accessibility for all families in the community.

“SDC is committed to supporting initiatives that enhance the well-being and opportunities for youth in Cornwall and the surrounding areas. By incubating All Intentions Matter, it  reaffirms our dedication to fostering positive community development and empowering the next generation.” Carilyne Hébert, SDC Executive Director.

For more information about All Intentions Matter and their programs, visit

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