Seminar Highlights Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Seminar Highlights Recruitment and Retention Strategies
The first panel, called Competitive Hiring and Retention Practices in 2024, featured Kayla MacGillivray (Glengarry Memorial Hospital), Kimberly Arbic (Job Zone), Jason Jesmer (Drake International), Lara Dyer (Talent Beyond Boundaries), and Rene-Paul Gomis (Walmart). (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

The Cornwall and SDG Employer Seminar on Recruitment and Retention was held on May 28th, at the Ramada Inn in Cornwall. The event provided relevant insights into workforce recruitment and retention strategies for 2024. Attendees enjoyed a hot breakfast and refreshments while listening to engaging panels on competitive hiring practices, capturing the potential of the new Canadian workforce, employer-led workforce housing, and growing local talent.

Cristian Urroz, President of the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the value of community collaboration. “I’m excited and looking forward to the questions and topics being discussed. I find this event helps. In a community like Cornwall, talking and supporting each other is important. One company might have a great idea, and other similar companies could utilize that same insight to better their retention or turnover rates or whatever they might need. Just collaborating is so beneficial all.”

Bob Peters, Manager of Economic Development for the City of Cornwall, highlighted the importance of workforce retention. “It is clear that workforce retention has emerged as one of the key issues facing ourcurrent employers and new employers that are coming and looking to invest in the region. Today is about getting those employers together to talk about issues related to the workforce, including recruitment, retention, and some side issues like housing.”

Mayor Justin Towndale addressed the shift in the labour market dynamics. “Workforce recruitment and retention are a challenge in the current labour market. Things have shifted. Going back a few years ago, itwas an employer’s market. Now, it’s an employee’s market. I think the onus is on organizations, whether public or private, to ensure that they can retain their staff. For private companies, especially in Cornwall, we know there are jobs available and a need. Everything from production to efficiency and capability to take on contracts relies on your workforce.”

Martha Woods, Executive Director at the Eastern Ontario Training Board, moderated the Competitive Hiring and Retention Practices panel and discussed the evolving workforce landscape. “The workforce landscapeis complicated in many ways, and it’s changed quite a bit, so it’s great to have these conversations and talk about innovative ways people are recruiting and retaining employees.”

The seminar was well attended and provided valuable insights and practical strategies for local employers.

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