SLC game programmers receive industry accolades

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SLC game programmers receive industry accolades
Pictured left to right: Front: Tanner Olsen, Colin Labelle Back: Nick Harrison, Alex Collings, Jordan Tuck, Chad McGillivray, Andrew Scarlett, Tim Woods, Bhavay Sharma, Brittany Cryderman, Asher Hennig, Sophia Pineda, Chad Bissonnette, Mitchell Labrecque, Ryan Massia, Jesse Wilband, Gavin Crews, James Dupuis (missing from the photo: Amaljith Kavungalparambil Ayyappan and Humza Khan).

CORNWALL, Ontario – St. Lawrence College Game Programming students’ hard work on their final projects of three games earns high praise and guidance from an industry professional and game enthusiast. 
Under the guidance of program coordinator James Dupuis, the three student teams created the games Zars, Dispatch Mayhem, and Cavern Crawl, which are available on the Google Play store for Android. 

In the game Zars, your job is to defeat the wave of enemy zombies, aliens, and robots, from conquering the planet with your arsenal of laser guns and explosives.
Zars had a comical twist on a pre-existing genre that takes itself too seriously. It showed potential to become a more in-depth game and had evidence it was intended to be more,” said Andy Coish, a software developer at LifeRaft Inc. 
The game, Dispatch Mayhem, was designed specifically for SLC’s Supply Chain Management Program, and will be used as a fun training platform to learn some key industry knowledge, according to program coordinator, Carla Kingston-Floyd. 
“Dispatch is a game that has the most potential to be great. Its concept is unique and with even more polish it could potentially be the one with the best commercial appeal,” said Coish. 

 Cavern Crawl is a hack and slash dungeon crawl where you, the hero must seek out the source of evil and defeat the terrifying Necromancer to prevent the attacks on the Kingdom of Ardania
According to Coish, “Cavern Crawl is a game that seems to have the underpinnings of other great games like dungeon siege. It has so much unrealized potential, with more time it could be best of the lot.”  

Each of the three teams worked hard through a very tight 14-week development cycle, and through the challenges of having to switch to online delivery midway through production, according to Dupuis. 
“The students experienced a lot, from preproduction work on design and technical documents, to a production phase implementing the features of their products, all the way through to a shortened bug fixing phase. They all adapted, and persevered, and released their products to the Android Google Play Store. I am very proud of the work that these three teams completed.” 
To try any of these games, please click on the below links: 

§  Zars 

§  Dispatch Mayhem 

§  Cavern Crawl
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