Steven Golden named new Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge Administrator

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By Shawna O'Neill
Steven Golden named new Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge Administrator
Steven Golden. Photo provided by City of Cornwall.

CORNWALL, Ontario – With 15 years of experience in long-term care, Steven Golden is excited to return to his Eastern Ontario roots and take on a new role as Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge Administrator.

“I’m looking forward to the new opportunity and to working collaboratively with the community, residents, their families and stakeholders…” said Golden, who will begin in his position on August 19. Norm Quenneville, the current Administrator, will be retiring at the end of the month.

After growing up in Hawkesbury, Golden completed his post-secondary education in Ottawa, which lead him to roles such as Administrator at Centre d’Accueil Roger-Seguin and to take on a Director role which involved overseeing 10 retirement homes in Southern Ontario, close to Toronto. Golden is happy that Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge is located closer to where he now resides in Limoges.

“That was one of my priorities; I wanted to look at something that was closer to home,” he said.

Golden does not foresee any challenges in his new title and is anticipating sitting down with the City, as well as meeting staff, involved families and any distinguished guests. He said he is looking to explore community partnerships and new initiatives to offer a variety of programs for our local aging population.

“I’ve always been an advocate for senior security, safety and well-being, and a focus on quality improvement…Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge is a very well respected home in the community and has great values. Not only does it offer accommodations…but outreach programs (as well).”

Golden commended outreach programs that are already in place at the facility, like Meals on Wheels, which delivers meals to local seniors who may not be able to cook or source their own food as easily, as well as a program in which staff call to check in on seniors to lower their rate of isolation and make them feel more safe and secure.

Providing diversity and inclusion programs while working with Indigenous and LGBTQ+ locals is something Golden would like to implement further. He would also like to assess transportation services for seniors and potential partnerships with local high schools.

“I’m a hands on person who loves to provide assistance to staff when needed,” said Golden, who expressed his passion for his career.

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