Three New Tri-County Literacy Programs Starting Soon

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
Three New Tri-County Literacy Programs Starting Soon
L to R: Carol Anne Maloney, Danielle Bray, and Mark-Andre Roy, standing beside posters for the new free courses being offered in September and October. (Photo : Krystine Therriault/Seaway News)

Tri-County Literacy recently announced special funding from the Ontario Skills Development Fund to address workforce shortages in the area. As a result, three new courses with job placements for graduates are starting in September and October. Those who are interested should apply quickly as spots are limited.

Have you’ve been told that everywhere is hiring but no employers are calling you in for an interview? If so, one of these courses could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

“This is a market driven solution for our region, with a reference group that has guided the curriculum’s development. The idea is to develop a resilient workforce, which is why Workforce Wellness is the first topic covered in all three courses,” explained Danielle Bray, one of the course Instructors.

Each course will include a guest speaker component where local industry leaders share their expertise with students. Upon graduating, students will receive wellness supplies to support them when they enter the workforce.

The programs being offered are Food and Beverage Server, Cashier, and Transportation Worker.

The courses are six weeks long (except the transportation course, which is five weeks) and available to adults 19+. Individuals with self-identified disabilities are encouraged to apply. Training supports can be made available for students who require assistance with transportation or work-safe footwear.

Cashier – Starts September 6

Job seekers who enjoy socializing and require flexible working hours may be interested in the cashier program.

“Students are going to work through a curriculum, and they’re going to benefit from a lot of really excellent guest speakers,” said Carol Anne Maloney, Course Instructor and Coordinator of Volunteers at Tri-County Literacy, “We’ll have somebody from Farm Boy, Happy Popcorn Company, Mrs. B’s… Students are also going to get experience on the P.O.S. system in class and in the placement.”

“I try to make it a very positive experience. I’m looking forward to it and I’m hoping the students will look forward to it as well,” Maloney added.

Food and Beverage Server – starts September 12

The Food and Beverage Server Program will run Monday to Thursday from 1 – 4pm.

“For this particular program, the graduates will be leaving with three certificates. Not only our certificate from our school, the Essential Skills Training Server Certificate, but due to the funding we’ve been able to include the Smart Serve as well as the Safe Food Handling certificate which normally they must pay for,” said Instructor, Danielle Bray, “So, students leave with three certificates to add to their employment portfolio.”

According to the Government of Canada Job Bank website, “Job opportunities for food and beverage servers are good in Ontario over the next three years.” Some of the employers hiring in this industry are restaurants, bars, banquet halls, hotels, motels, and golf courses.

Transportation Worker – Starts October 24

When people think of transportation work, most think of long-haul driving across the country or even back and forth to the United States.

Tri-County Literacy’s Transportation Worker course highlights different options available in the area, like shunt drivers who back up trucks to the loading docks and short haul drivers who travel smaller distances and go home to their families at the end of the day.

“This is a career exploration course where students will find out all aspects of the transportation worker field, so not just truck driving but also dispatch, scheduling, supervising, and more,” explained Mark-Andre Roy, Instructor for the Transportation Worker program, “We’ll be looking at what options are available, the skills that are needed and developing the skills for those various positions.”

This course is great for current transportation industry workers who are considering a change. It’s also an ideal steppingstone if you’ve been considering work in the transportation field but aren’t sure where to start.

For more information, call Tri-County Literacy Council at 613-932-7161 or visit their website.

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