Weaving Baskets Group Partners with Food Cycle Science to Pilot Innovative Food and Bioplastic Waste Solution

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Weaving Baskets Group Partners with Food Cycle Science to Pilot Innovative Food and Bioplastic Waste Solution
The Cornwall Square and parking structure.

Cornwall, ON—Weaving Baskets Group (WBG) is proud to announce a project partnership with Food Cycle Science (FCS), one of Canada’s leading cleantech companies. The project is designed to encourage the reduction and replacement of single-use plastics in the food sector and WBG has signed on to pilot the “one-bin” technology at the Cornwall Square’s Food Hall, currently undergoing a $1.2M redevelopment.

WBG was on hand at the special event held at the FSC headquarters in Ottawa late last week announcing the recent $1.6M project investment from the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) as part of their Food Innovation Challenge. With these funds, the Ottawa-based cleantech company will continue developing their technology for applying enzymes to their FoodCyclerTM system.

“This is a major milestone for Food Cycle Science and a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation,” said Bradley Crepeau, Founding Partner and CEO at FSC. “The collaborative efforts of all involved will help us advance our research and development, enabling us to continue making a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve.”

“One of the biggest challenges quick service restaurants face is dealing with food and plastic waste,” said Dale Allen, Director of Business Development at Weaving Baskets Group. “This partnership allows us to address the waste challenges right at the source, reduces the load on our local landfill, and allows us to promote sustainability in the food sector.”

Once the “one-bin” commercial system is market-ready, WBG will look to implement it in its new Food Hall. This solution will rapidly degrade food waste and bioplastics, turn this into a beneficial soil amendment, and empower WBG to contribute to the circular food economy.

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