Zumba with Christal puts Mental Health in every step

Paula Labonte
Zumba with Christal puts Mental Health in every step
Angele d'Alessio, Tom Hickey, Val Bowen, Cristal Bowen,

“Let’s create real change” – was 2024 #BellLetsTalk campaign theme and this year the Canadian Mental Health Association Champlain East with their expertise and commitment once again partnered with the dedicated Mental Health Ambassador, Christal Bowen to advocate and promote prioritizing our mental health in addition to our physical health.

Over 80 people dressed in ‘let’s-talk-blue’ were in attendance and in sync (mostly) for the popular Zumba class held at Bridgewood Public on Monday, January 28, 24. Physical movement is often a common suggestion for those struggling with depression or anxiety; ‘get outside for a walk’ or ‘try yoga’ or ‘go to Zumba with Cristal’ and while it’s not quite that simple; and why we need conversations about mental health stigmas and strategies to change; I must say (as someone who deals with depression and anxiety) it’s hard to be miserable in a group full of folks having fun, its an uplifting energy.

For more information on CMHA services https://cmha-east.on.ca/index.php/en/our-services or Zumba with Cristal https://www.facebook.com/groups/12047190194/.

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