100 men who care support WDMH

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100 men who care support WDMH
Cutline: At the presentation (l-r): Kristen Casselman, WDMH Foundation Managing Director; Cindy Peters, Manager of Direct Mail & Events, WDMH Foundation; Michael Burton, Morrisburg and Iroquois Waterfront Committees and Scott Corden, event emcee and member of the 100 Men Who Care South Dundas Committee. Photo credit: Morrisburg Leader.

SOUTH DUNDAS, Ontario -On Nov. 6, 100 men (really 100 plus!) in South Dundas came together and each donated $100 to support their local  community. Seven local charities were invited to share details on their need and how the men’s support would benefit the community of South Dundas.

Thank you to the 100 Men of South Dundas for choosing the WDMH Foundation as the beneficiary of $7,600  for the General Equipment Fund for the purchase of equipment such as a transportable patient lift. The approximate cost of the lift is $15,200.

A transportable patient lift helps patients who are unable to stand, by safely lifting and moving them from one location to another (i.e. from a bed to a wheelchair). The lift will be particularly helpful for someone who has fallen and requires assistance getting up from the floor. It will be used throughout the hospital. The lift will also benefit staff with reduced risk of injury since they won’t need to manually lift patients.

“This event provided another welcome opportunity to talk about the fact that the provincial government does not fund medical equipment for hospitals. Working with donors such as this caring group, the WDMH Foundation helps fill these gaps,” notes Kristen Casselman, Managing Director. “We are so grateful for this support.’

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