5,000 city street lights being replaced with LED

5,000 city street lights being replaced with LED
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CORNWALL, Ontario – About 5,000 street lights in Cornwall will be replaced by the end of the year with new LED bulbs at a cost of $3 million.

Contracted crews are in the midst of replacing the aged sodium vapour bulbs, that included the familiar orange/yellow tint, with energy efficient LED lights that are casting a much brighter shine on city streets.

“It’s a cleaner light…more in tune with daylight,” said John St. Marseille, the city’s infrastructure manager, who added the full complement of city street lights will be replaced by the end of the year.

He said the energy savings from switching to LED, coupled with a significantly lower maintenance cost, will result in operational savings that will offset the cost of financing the massive project.

An old sodium vapour light would typically have to be replaced after six years. LED lights can last as long as 20.

“There’s a lot more light than shines down on the road,” St. Marseille said. “There’s less light scatter into the sky.

“Everyone is going in this direction. It’s the way to go – even in your home.”

St. Marseille added the city is also replacing traffic lights too. It completes a replacement at about two intersections a year.

Heavily-travelled streets in Cornwall, including many bus routes, have already had their street lights replaced.

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