Alexandria hospital to present doctor recruitment plan to South Glengarry Council

Nick Laurin
Alexandria hospital to present doctor recruitment plan to South Glengarry Council
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CORNWALL, ON – The Glengarry Memorial Hospital (HGMH) will present their proposal on physician recruitment to the South Glengarry Council tonight, Tuesday, Feb. 22.

In 2016, the population serviced by Alexandrian physicians was estimated at 23,000, with an established practice size of 1,000 patients per doctor.

Alexandria has not recruited a physician since 2018. In his presentation, Frank Wetering of the HGMH states that reasons that the hospital has struggled for recruitment is a combination of student debt held by new doctors, which averages at $120,000 or more, and lucrative opportunities at more affluent hospitals in larger communities.

Recently, the Glengarry Memorial Hospital has lost five physicians due to moves and retirement.

As of Feb. 22, 2022, the HGMH has a 22 bed inpatient unit, and requires a physician to service these patients seven days a week.

The HGMH has office space ready for five physician recruits. If they cannot recruit, approximately 3,150 patients will be left without a physician.

The Glengarry Memorial Hospital is offering incentives for onsite MDs:

  •     Free rent for the first 5 years ($40,000 value), or a new practice incentive of $40,000
  •     Relocation incentive of up to $5,000
  •     Heating, cooling and ventilation
  •     All utilities (including water and electrical)
  •     Janitorial and maintenance services
  •     Office furniture included
  •     Paper shredding services (at cost)
  •     IT support (at cost)
  •     Medical supplies (at cost, plus 10%)
  •     Onsite cafeteria

The Glengarry Memorial Hospital is proposing the following contributions per new doctor for a minimum of five year practice agreement, on top of the incentives offered by HGMH:

  •     North Glengarry Township – $5,000
  •     South Glengarry Township – $5,000
  •     SD&G Counties – $5,000
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