Bookmarks raise money for a good cause

Nick Seebruch
Bookmarks raise money for a good cause
Daxton Dionne holds up some of the bookmarks he's made alongside Jen Blair Manley at the Royal LePage office on Wednesday

CORNWALL, Ontario – Daxton Dionne, 7, is a member of the Earth Rangers and wanted to do his part to help protect environment.

Daxton used his artistic talents to create bookmarks, which he planned on selling to raise money so the Earth Rangers can help support the Gray Fox, which is a threatened species in Canada.

Daxton said that he started making bookmarks when he started reading and wanted to make more for others who like to read.

“When I was in Grade 1 I wanted to start reading and I know other people who were starting to read so I wanted to make bookmarks,” he said.

Daxton is a Grade 2 student at Rothwell-Osnabruck Public School in Ingleside. He explained that he chose to support the Gray Fox because it was the favourite animal of his late great-aunt Jackie.

Jen Blair Manley of Royal LePage in Cornwall was getting her hair done at a hair salon in Ingleside where Daxton’s mother works and saw Daxton with his book marks. 

When Manley learned a little more about the bookmarks, and what the money was going towards, she decided to do what she could to support the cause.

Manley bought 30 bookmarks then and there, with the promise to acquire more. Manley will be helping to sell the bookmarks by making them available for purchase at the front desk in their office the “Dreamteam Hub” in Cornwall at 722 Pitt St. Unit 11.

Jen Blair Manley and her dream team at Royal LePage consists of herself, her twin sister Jody Blair and Christal Bowen and they are happy to do their part to support this young man’s initiative.

“I hope this inspires other kids,” said Manley. “This is the kind of thing I like to support. I like it when it’s more personal. It’s stuff like this that inspires hope. It’s not about how much, but the fact that you did it.”

For his part, Daxton was thrilled what Manley decided to support his project.

“I was surprised,” he said. “My mom was crying, and I almost cried.”

Each bookmark is $5, and they are available at the Royal LePage office. Manley said that seven were sold within the first 10 minutes.

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