Buckner to address 2013 Small School Summit

Buckner to address 2013 Small School Summit

CORNWALL, Ontario – A nationally recognized business reporter and television host will address the 2013 Small School Summit October 24 about key trends that will affect the future of everything from business to classroom education.

Dianne Buckner, best known as the host of CBC Television’s Dragons’ Den, will be a keynote speaker at the Summit, to be held October 24-25 at the Nav Centre in Cornwall. Buckner will give a presentation entitled Seven Strong Trends You Need to Know About.

“These are key trends that are affecting the way people think about business, education and their own livelihoods,” said Buckner.

People must know about these trends as they prepare for the future to remain adaptable, innovative and successful.

One of the general trends Buckner will discuss is “gamification” in today’s society. The use of video games has changed the way people think and become engaged with issues, she said.

“It’s not just about video games that people are playing,” she said. “People are using games for learning as well, and trying to make learning a little more interactive and fun.

“The larger trend is about the need to be amused. People have so much stimulation at their fingertips right now that it is adjusting our expectations and our attitudes about what will engage us.”

Educators must adapt instructional approaches to meet this trend. While Buckner readily concedes she is not qualified to tell educators how to incorporate games into the classroom, she will play a video featuring an entrepreneur trying to build a business based on the use of games in the classroom.

Another trend she will discuss is the demand for “customization” in today’s society. People are used to a wide variety of choices in every aspect of their lives, posing challenges for both businessmen and educators struggling to meet the needs of clients and students.

“You can now go into a coffee shop these days and (instead of a basic coffee) order that half decaf, tall and skinny latté,” she said. “People can also do iPod purchasing where you can buy just the one song you really want. Again you are expecting customization through technology.”

The demand for customized solutions is reaching into the school system as well, she said.

Parents are now expecting an almost “private-school” level of attention for their children within the public school system, something which cannot be done with available resources. She believes that this is a trend teachers should be aware of as they work to meet their students’ needs.

Buckner is a veteran business journalist who has been employed with City TV and CTV, and since 1992 has worked for CBC Television. Before Dragons’ Den, Bucknerwas the former host of CBC’s popular business program Venture. Buckner is one of three keynotes to address this year’s conference. Social media expert Amber MacArthur and Canadian music icon David Usher will also present.

The two-day conference will offer delegates a wide variety of seminars on innovative instructional techniques, including: using personal devices in the classroom to aid student learning; how to use animation to engage students; how to inspire student wellness through Cross Fit; and how to inspire learning through “real-life math.”

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