City to host Ontario Plowman’s Association convention

City to host Ontario Plowman’s Association convention

The 2015 Ontario Plowman’s Association convention will be taking place in Cornwall.

An SD and G delegation returned from the 2012 edition of the conference with word that the Seaway City would host as many as 400 delegates when the 2015 event takes place.

And, the 2015 International Plowing Match will take place in Finch, making SD and G a hub of agricultural activity in just three short years.

Jeff Waldroff, president of the Stormont Plowman’s Association was ecstatic.

“This is the best news for SD&G. We expect 20,000 visitors per day over the five-day outdoor event,” he said. “It will be a lot of hard work but the opportunity to showcase our region is well worth it.”

Ian McLeod, SD and G warden, was part of the delegation and extended a warm invitation to the conference attendees and the thousands of potential IPM visitors.

The International Plowing match is an excellent opportunity to showcase SD&G’s businesses, manufacturing, tourism and agricultural industries, say agriculture officials. It is anticipated that the event will inject more than $20 million to the region.

The City of Cornwall will likely be a major hub for accommodations, dining and shopping. The event will require hundreds of volunteers – if you are interested in being a part of this amazing event, contact Joyce Gravelle at the SD&G Community Futures Development Corporation (613-932-4333 Ext 26).

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