Comforts of Home Project Implemented at Maxville Manor

Provided by the Maxville Manor Foundation
Comforts of Home Project Implemented at Maxville Manor

MAXVILLE, Ontario – The Maxville Manor Foundation recently sponsored a beautification project to enhance Maxville Manor’s home environment.

An appeal was made to the community at large, including residents, family members, and staff, to submit original photos of local landmarks and countryside images that best represent the Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry area.

From the overwhelming response, the Manor residents themselves chose thirty of their favorite images to enlarge and make into art canvasses to redecorate their home. The recognizable images include beautiful bouquets of perennial flowers, scenes from the Glengarry Highland Games, a bright Ferris wheel at the local fair, St Raphael’s ruins, and perfectly harrowed farmer’s fields, among other fun and creative photos.

The large canvasses lining the hallways create a familiar and comforting environment and spark memories for the people who live, work, and visit Maxville Manor.

Local graphic designer Donna Ladouceur is making art placards, to help identify the photographers and include a brief description of the images to stimulate conversation.

Amy Porteous, CEO of Maxville Manor says “these photos really brighten up the Manor and are well received by all. Many people have commented on how nice the pictures are and how the photos make their day”.

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