Cops promise “zero tolerance” approach for Operation Impact

Cops promise “zero tolerance” approach for Operation Impact
Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS) blotter update.

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – If you’re going to enjoy a glass of wine with your Thanksgiving meal, keep in mind the SD&G OPP and Cornwall police will be on the roads for the coast-to-coast traffic safety blitz.

Until Monday, police are keeping a watchful eye for impaired driving, seat belt use, and all aspects related to aggressive and distracted driving.

OPP said that the “big four” were contributing factors in 168 of the 216 road deaths they investigated in 2014.

Of the four “road death causal categories” in OPP-investigated motor vehicle collisions, speeding and distracted driving are in the lead.

OPP statistics show that as of October 5, speed was a factor in 51 of the 168 deaths, and distracted driving followed with 45 deaths. Drivers and passengers not wearing their seat belt correctly amounted to 38 deaths, and impaired driving resulted in 34 deaths.

The Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS) has joined the SD&G OPP and police forces across Canada for Operation Impact – one of two national traffic safety campaigns aimed at educating the public.

A CCPS media statement said there have been serious injuries this year in the city related to vehicle collisions.

“The deaths, pain, and broken hearts that result from carelessness behind the wheel can be prevented,” said Cornwall police Chief Daniel Parkinson.

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