Election signs vandalized in South Stormont

Election signs vandalized in South Stormont
An election sign beloning to Tammy Hart was defaced in South Stormont.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Vandals in South Stormont have defaced election signs belonging to a handful of people running for office in that community.

Rick Currier, who is running for township council, said signs in Osnabruck Centre were targetted, with vandals etching a swastika on the forehead of a likeness of Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart.

Other signs belonging to David Smith, Ray Beauregard and Wendy MacPherson were likewise defaced, or pulled from the ground.

Currier said he was alerted to the vandalism Tuesday and immediately phoned police. He believes the attacks happened sometime overnight as the signs appeared untouched when he drove through the community Monday.

It is against the law to deface election signs.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” said Currier. “It is what it is. People are going to do this sort of thing. It’s unfortunate.”

OPP spokesperson Joel Doiron said there have been other instances of vandalism, including a case a few days ago where a person on Devries Road in South Dundas complained that a bunch of election signs had been dumped on her property.

“People have to realize this falls under the section concerning mischief,” he said. “Anybody with information on this should contact us.”

OPP can be reached at 1-888-310-1122.

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