Explore the Finch MakerLab in May

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Explore the Finch MakerLab in May

During the month of May, we are celebrating and putting a spotlight on our Finch MakerLab.

Half traditional library, half creator’s dream, Finch’s library isn’t just home to books and computers. It’s also the lair of numerous creative tools, both high-tech and no-tech, to make your next project come to life. Although the SDG Library has 15 branches, it only has one “MakerLab,” located in a convenient central location.

At the Finch MakerLab, anyone can come in and use, with the help of our staff, our 3D printer, Cricut, laser cutter, and other MakerLab equipment. In the past, our equipment has been used to make branded t-shirts for a bachelorette party, a hammer with a name engraved into the handle for a retirement gift, and a personalized water bottle for a friend. Our 3d printer has been used for purposes such as to replace small parts in a personal project, and to create a toy figurine.

Whatever your next project, we have the tools to help! Although there are no costs associated with using our high-tech equipment, please note there may be costs associated with the materials used for your project.

We will be highlighting the uses of the MakerLab during the entire month of May, so feel encouraged to follow along on our social media and website. Listed on our website is a list of May-ker Month events at branches across the SDG Counties, such as art classes, Macramé hanging basket making, Mother’s Day crafts, bath bomb making, and more.

Have a project in mind, but don’t know where to start? No problem, that’s what we’re here for! Contact the Finch Branch at  finchlib@sdglibrary.ca or (613) 984-2807 to learn what you can make at the Finch MakerLab, how much the material for your project might cost, and for design inspiration. To use the equipment, you are required to book an appointment by contacting us or by filling out our online form at sdglibrary.ca/makerlab-appointments/.

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