Federal Election less than 100 days away

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By Shawna O'Neill
Federal Election less than 100 days away
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CORNWALL & SDSG, Ontario – The Federal Election is less than 100 days away and currently our region has two party representatives with their names on the ballot.

With no local incumbent candidate in the election race this year, as Conservative MP Guy Lauzon has announced and celebrated his retirement, a number of Federal party associations believe that their candidate has a fair shot at victory, especially the local Liberal Party.

“In a matter of weeks…we will be roaring to go with our candidate and people will be quite pleased,” said Claude Poirier, President of the Federal Liberal riding association.

Although the Federal Liberal and NDP associations have not announced their candidates for our region yet, both parties plan to come forward with a representative in the next few weeks.

“We have someone going through the vetting process…early August it will be official,” said Marc Benoit, member of the SDSG Federal NDP association.

So far, Eric Duncan, Conservative representative, accepted his party nomination on May 1, kicking off his campaign.

“I’m fired up and ready to go for the next election,” Duncan told Seaway News. “I’ve been asked over the years what draws me to the Conservatives. I believe in low taxes and efficiently delivering essential government services.”

Just 10 days after Duncan launched his 2019 campaign, Sabile Trimm was chosen as the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) representative for our region, after winning her riding’s nomination.

“This is a competitive riding,” said Poirier. “(Candidates) are not facing an incumbent which makes it a whole new ball game…I also understand that probably, people have loyalties sometimes to their national party.”

Our Editor recently shared his thoughts on how voting should maybe become mandatory, or the voting age should be dropped to allow more participation and encourage participation from a young age in his column OPINION: Make it mandatory.

Do you have any thoughts about the upcoming Federal election, on local or national level?

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