HAIR BEARS: Moustached Men of Mental Health unveil their, uh, look

HAIR BEARS: Moustached Men of Mental Health unveil their, uh, look
One of the photos from the new mental health calendar.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Ask any man their least favourite chore, and the answer has got to be shaving.

Most men hate it.

But Mark Snelgrove said when he was finally able to shave off weeks of unwanted facial growth that he was sporting to help draw awareness towards men’s mental health issues, it came with a huge smile.

“I was just loving the fact that I was getting a chance to shave,” he said with a laugh.

Snelgrove and nine other men who work at local offices for the Canadian Mental Health Association grew out their moustaches, goatees ad beards for the Moustached Men of Mental Health calendar.

The calendar is being sold to raise money for local programs that benefit men’s mental health.

Jason Menard, another of the calendar models and one of the organizers of the calendar, said the experience was positive.

“It was empowering. everyone got on board,” he said, adding the ladies in the office were impressed – kind of. “The girls were giggling.”

The $15 calendar, which goes on sale Nov. 4 at a variety of locations in and around Cornwall, was produced by Alexandria’s Anick Bauer, who took the photos and completed the calendar layout.

“She was going all over the place to help us out,” said Menard. “She deserves a lot of the credit for helping us out.”

It’s anticipated calendar sales will generate between $1,000 and $2,000.

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