Hospice Cornwall Telethon coming to Cogeco this Saturday

Nick Seebruch
Hospice Cornwall Telethon coming to Cogeco this Saturday
Sandy Collette

CORNWALL, Ontario – Hospice Cornwall’s annual Telethon is coming up this Saturday, Nov. 5 on CogecoTV Channel 11.

Every year, Cornwall Hospice needs to raise $600, 000 to provide the sensitive and caring service that it does during the most difficult time in the life of any family.

In the first year of the telethon in 2009, Hospice Cornwall raised $45, 200, since that start the fundraiser has grown and as of 2015 Hospice Cornwall has received nearly $732, 000 from the event.

Fundraising Coordinator Sandy Collette says that this year’s goal is $145, 000.

Since its creation, Hospice Cornwall has provided care to 100, 000 residents, free of charge to those with an OHIP card.

The telethon starts at noon on Saturday and will continue until 6 p.m.

Some of the guests lined up for this year include Lionel Lauzon, who organized the Knights of Columbus Charity Golf Tournament for Hospice Cornwall. Other guests include Hospice Cornwall Board Chair Ruth Pollack, and charity organizers and other supporters of Hospice Cornwall.

To contribute to the Hospice Telethon, call 613-935-7762.

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