Iroquois beach upgrade well underway

Phillip Blancher, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
Iroquois beach upgrade well underway
Photo by the Municipality of South Dundas

IROQUOIS – A planned upgrade to the Iroquois beach is underway that will have long term benefits – no more overflows. A project planned by the South Dundas Parks and Recreation Department will put a permanent solution in place to end the overflows.

“In a way, the beach is a victim of its own success,” Acting Director of Parks, Recreation, and Facilities David Jansen explained. “The increased use at the waterfront is why we are connecting this to the sewer.”

Since the building was constructed, wastewater flowed into a holding tank that is pumped out regularly by a contractor.

The increased use has meant emergency pump outs occurring on weekends and holidays – an added expense.

Jansen explained additional staff time used to clean the building after each overflow added to the financial impetus to connect the building to the sewer system.

“Overflows require a lot of staff time, usually at the worst time of the week, or a long weekend,” he said.

Construction began of the sewer line connection along Adair Road to the main sewer line near Elizabeth Drive July 25.

The Leader originally reported that the washrooms were to be closed for a two week period.

In fact, the construction is taking place over a two week period, but the washrooms are to be closed for only a couple of hours in short intervals while the sewer connections are made and tested.

The project tender came in over budget at around $75,000.

Jansen said the work will pay for itself over the next five-to-seven years once the pump out and staff time is factored in.

“It ups the level of service South Dundas provides,” said Jansen.

The construction work is not expected to interfere with the second South Dundas Beach Day, that will be held August 12 with fun games and activities from the South Dundas Parks and Recreation department.

Jansen said that additional boulders will also be installed in the Iroquois waterfront park, along with Duncan Park and Earl Baker Park to help control vehicular traffic.

This article was originally written for The Morrisburg Leader

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