Kin Club of Russell’s Largest Catch the Ace Ever!

Provided by the Kin Club of Russell
Kin Club of Russell’s Largest Catch the Ace Ever!

The Kin Club of Russell’s 5th Catch the Ace lottery has just surpassed its largest Catch the Ace lottery ever, including its Catch the Ace 3 lottery which raised over $968,000.00 for local charities in 2021 going 50 weeks before the ace of spades was located.

Over $1,000,000.00 has been raised for local charities and a current estimated jackpot of over $ 700,000.00, along with weekly wins over $30,000.00 and only 10 envelopes remaining.

The Kin Club of Russell is proud to announce, 100% of all proceeds after approved expenses, goes straight to charity. This generous tiny township of only 18,000 citizens has raised over 4.7 million dollars, including 2.3 million in prizes and 2.1 million dollars in donations to local charities.

A unique paper/online sales approach with six worthy charities has everyone talking and again, lining up to purchase tickets at 26 retail locations as well as online. The six charities participating for this lottery are: Good Neighbours Food Bank (Township of Russell), Kin Club of Russell’s Storage Centre For Local Service Clubs and Charities, Osgoode Care Centre, Valoris Foundation, Victoria’s Quilts Canada and WDMH Foundation.

Please visit our website:, for retail locations or to purchase online.

This unique Catch the Ace lottery also includes live broadcasts of the draws every Sunday at 3:15 PM on the Kin Club of Russell’s Facebook page. Winners are contacted by phone live during the draw.

For all other inquiries, please contact us via email at

Thank you everyone for your very generous support of this project!

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