RE: Proposed Amendments to Corporate By Laws of the Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital

Provided by Glengarry Memorial Hospital
RE: Proposed Amendments to Corporate By Laws of the Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital

Alexandria, ON – As part of its commitment to transparency and compliance, Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital (HGMH) is proposing amendments to the Corporate Bylaws that will be presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 26th, 2024.

In the hospitals effort to align with the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 (ONCA), the Board of Directors has reviewed and revised the existing Corporate Bylaws, ensuring compliance with the latest regulatory standards. These proposed amendments, due to be completed by October 2024, are designed to ensure that HGMH operates in full compliance with the ONCA, which provides a modern legal framework for the governance of not-for-profit organizations in Ontario.

Another significant change being proposed involves modifications to the membership structure. After careful consideration and legal advice, the Board of Directors has proposed that only Directors be considered members of HGMH under the corporate legislation. A “member” is an individual that holds membership in one of the three membership categories of the hospital as per the existing By Laws. Members are entitled to vote at the HGMH annual meeting of members and any special meetings of members. A “director” refers to an appointed member of the hospital’s Board of Directors.

HGMH remains one of the very few hospitals in Ontario to have this paid/open membership in place. The proposed amendment to the membership aims to streamline the governance model, enhancing efficiency and accountability, and aligns HGMH with its peer public hospitals in Ontario. The key benefits of moving to a board-only membership model include maximizing the Board of Director’s ability to meet its fiduciary duties to HGMH and to the community as stewards of the hospital’s charitable and other public resources. This model also enhances the Board of Director’s ability to discharge its responsibility for the quality of board succession through a systematic and transparent nomination process.

The community’s engagement is vital to the success of the hospital, and we will continue our tradition of meaningfully engaging through open communication. Furthermore, HGMH’s Director nomination and recruitment process will continue to include a call for nominations from the public and offer opportunities for members of the community to seek election to the Board of Directors. We will also continue to seek out the voice of the patient and families on the Patient and Family Advisory Committee. The annual meeting of members and open sessions of the Board will remain open to the public. Meeting dates will continue to be posted on the hospital website. Should you wish to attend an open session of the Board or the Annual General Meeting, please contact or call 613-525-2222 X4104.

Your ongoing support and trust in HGMH is appreciated. Current members can direct questions, concerns, or feedback around these changes to or by calling 613-525-2222 X4104 by March 25, 2024. Responses will be consolidated and presented at the meeting of the Board of Directors in April, 2024.


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