Some heartburn medications recalled

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Some heartburn medications recalled
An example of some of the affected drugs provided by Health Canada.

CANADA – Several generic heartburn medications have been recalled by Health Canada due to the detection of an impurity in some ranitidine drugs.

Health Canada claims that N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) has been detected in several ranitidine product. NDMA is classified by Health Canada as a probable carcinogen.

“Current evidence suggests that NDMA may be present in ranitidine, regardless of the manufacturer,” reads a statement from Health Canada. “As a result, and at Health Canada’s request, companies marketing ranitidine products in Canada have stopped any further distribution until evidence is provided to demonstrate that they do not contain NDMA above acceptable levels.”

Ranitidine is available by prescription and over-the-counter under generic names and other more well known names such as Zantac.

Health Canada states that those who have been prescribed a ranitidine drug not stop taking it until they have consulted their doctor or pharmacist.

Health Canada has a full list of affected products on their website.

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