South Stormont Council receives update on FoodCycler program

Nick Laurin
South Stormont Council receives update on FoodCycler program

SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario – The Council of South Stormont received an update on the distribution of the FoodCycler units for the food waste diversion program at their meeting on Wednesday, March 9.

Last October, Council approved the implementation of an organic material waste diversion incentive through a pilot program in partnership with Food Cycle Science.

As part of this program, Council approved a municipal subsidy to purchase 200 FoodCycler units as part of the 2022 budget.

The FoodCycler pilot program started its marketing to the residents of South Stormont on Jan. 4, 2022.

A FoodCycler is a household appliance, about the size of a bread machine, that can reduce organic food waste into odorless nutrient rich soil amendment that can be used for fertilizer, can be pelletized for home heating, and more.

The FoodCycler reduced the space taken up by organic waste by 90 per cent and reduced the amount of methane that organic waste emits by 95 per cent.

Registration opened for residents on Jan. 17 for applications for a FoodCycler, and was left open for a two week period.

On Feb. 1, a lottery draw was conducted for the 200 units, and the participants were provided the information regarding pick up, and payment options.

All 200 units were distributed to participants on Feb. 11, and on Feb. 12.

“The two pick up days were very successful. A representative from FoodCycle Science was present to answer all participants’ inquiry and provide product demonstration. Many participants provided positive feedback regarding the Township’s implementation of an organic material waste diversion incentive,” said Ross Gellately, Director of Public Works in a report received by Council.

The FoodCycler pilot program is currently in week 4 of its 12 week trial period. Once the 12 weeks are done, participants will be asked to fill out a survey for FoodCycler.

Once the survey results are acquired, they will be provided to Council for review.

The discussion ended with Councillor Jennifer MacIsaac sharing their experience using a FoodCycler compost unit.

“What a successful program. I can’t believe how many residents in the first few weeks who had received a FoodCycler were sending me photos of their compost,” said Councillor MacIsaac. “It’s amazing. I have a unit myself, and I can’t believe how much food waste that was diverted away from the landfills. I’m very happy that we went for the 200, because of the big interest, and I think we will see it be successful again, if we have the opportunity to participate again.”

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