STARGAZERS: Cornwall marks International Astronomy Day

STARGAZERS: Cornwall marks International Astronomy Day
SD&G BackYard Astronomers (BYA) members Dan Bobka (left) and Ray Lalonde (right) stand with a visitor at the BYA astronomy display.

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – Eyes were on the skies as fans of the planets and stars celebrated International Astronomy Day in Cornwall Saturday morning.

The SD&G BackYard Astronomers (BYA) set up a variety of telescopes at the Second Street entrance of the Cornwall library for public viewing sessions.

Traditionally, most viewing is done during the night sky since darkness enhances the view. But local residents were able to see the unique surface of the sun in daylight through BYA’s powerful telescopes.

Many attendees seized the opportunity to learn more about the world of astronomy from the area’s most active stargazers.

“The BackYard Astronomers were happy to share the wonders of the night sky, the moon, and the sun with visitors,” said Dan Bobka, BYA member.

Museums, astronomy clubs, and planetariums across the world took part in the annual event, which was founded in California in 1973 and started in Canada in the ’80s.

BYA meets monthly and also when the sky is good for viewing. Anyone interested in astronomy locally can contact

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