Students bring expertise and extra fun to Dundas Manor

Provided by Dundas Manor
Students bring expertise and extra fun to Dundas Manor
Arianna (left) and Samantha (right) in front of their showcase display

It was the wild, wild west at Dundas Manor – thanks to two Algonquin College students who are completing three-month placements at the home. All through July, the western theme was everywhere, culminating with a big country party.  It included everything from country crafts to wild west fun facts to toe-tapping entertainment.

“This was my first introduction to long-term care, and I love it,” says Arianna Johnstone, who is studying community justice services. Arianna says she never considered a career in long-term care but is now. She worked closely with the behavioural support specialist at Dundas Manor, tapping into her mental health knowledge.

“Placement as a first-year student can be scary, but everyone at Dundas Manor has gone out of their way to ensure that I got the most out of my learning experience,” adds Samantha Brown, who is studying social work.

Arianna and Samantha are just two of many students who come to Dundas Manor throughout the year. Affiliation agreements with educational institutions such as Algonquin College support students in their learning while bringing new ideas and skills into the home. “It’s wonderful to have young people join our team,” notes Jennifer Hill, Activity Programs and Services Director. “It’s not just about fun activities. They support our residents on their journey and bring expertise that we can all benefit from.”

“From planning birthday parties, going on outings, having bike rides, completing assessments, and participating in 1-1 visits, Dundas Manor is always trying to support their residents and has played a huge part in my learning of how to be a great social service worker,” sums up Samantha.

For Arianna, the student placement is turning into a part-time job as an activity assistant in the fall. “My Dad grew up in Winchester and I remember visiting people at Dundas Manor when I was little. I’m really excited about starting my career here.”

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