Tom Clapp is at it again – and he’s off to a great start!

Provided by the WDMH Foundation
Tom Clapp is at it again – and he’s off to a great start!
Cutline: Tom Clapp has a great team including (l-r): Tom himself, Jonas Fossitt, Murray Link, and Jan Clapp. Missing from the photo are Dawn Erikson, Libby Pelkey, Marie Schelp, Jennifer Taksma, Debra King, and Cholly Boland. (Photo : WDMH Foundation)

Everyone has a bucket list and Tom Clapp’s is pretty big. To commemorate his 80th birthday and 10 years plus as a prostate cancer survivor, Tom is participating in the 5K Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend on May 27th. His goal is to raise $80,000 – and we have no doubt that he and his team will do it!

Half of the money raised will be donated to the WDMH Foundation’s Cancer Care Navigator Fund. WDMH’s Cancer Care Navigator, Sarah, works with patients to identify their needs and to help them develop a plan to meet their specific goals. She can answer questions about care, provide education, and link to local community resources. The other half of the money raised will go to The Ottawa Hospital Foundation to support cancer research. At the same time, Tom is raising awareness about the importance of being tested for prostate cancer.

On his fundraising page, Tom shares why he is doing this: “Cancer, that ‘C’ word everyone dreads to hear. When the doctor tells a person they have cancer, their whole world comes to a stop. Life takes a drastic change for them and their family as they start down that treatment road. Life is a gift, so we need to live every day to the fullest, Live well, Laugh often, Love much (Our family motto). … Thanks to early detection and treatment, I can live my life to the fullest, enjoying my family and community. So please support us and let’s fight cancer!”

“We want to thank Tom and his team for this amazing fundraiser on behalf of the WDMH Foundation,” notes Managing Director Kristen Casselman. “Tom has been a supporter for many, many years through initiatives such as Dare to Flash a ‘Stache and the Black Walnut Group. He always goes above and beyond to support his local hospital. We hope everyone who is able will give their support to Tom!”

If they would like to register to join his team or make a donation to support him in his 5K run they can click on this link

Best of luck to Tom and his team!

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