Wildlife in Your Woods: 50 Million Tree Program Offers Site Visits to Landowners

Handout from Forests Ontario
Wildlife in Your Woods: 50 Million Tree Program Offers Site Visits to Landowners
Barred Owl. Photo by Kurt Hennige.

Want to see more wildlife on your land? Since 2007, Forests Ontario has been helping landowners to attract more “nature” to their land with the 50 Million Tree Program. Over the life of this program, more than 22 million trees have been planted on private land, and most landowners have cited the attraction of wildlife as their prime reason for signing up with the program. Landowners with a minimum of 2.5 acres (one hectare) of plantable land may be eligible for this generous tree planting incentive program.

Many trees provide pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinators early in the spring before fruit trees and plants flower. Adding trees to my land was beneficial for my bees, and trees are also important because they provide homes for nesting birds and animals” says Forests Ontario Green Leader, Karin Tomosky.

Animals large and small can benefit from the presence of trees, which provide a potential food source, as well as protection from predators and severe weather. Expanding the tree cover on a property can create habitat for wildlife – and can quickly start to attract birds, small mammals and pollinators. As well, forested riparian (shoreline) areas are important for their combination of improving water quality, reducing streambank erosion and providing cover to a host of land and aquatic creatures.

Through the 50 Million Tree Program, landowners are able to access funding support of up to 75 per cent of total planting costs as well as ongoing forest management assistance. A local planting partner – an experienced forestry professional – will work with you to create a plan that suits your property’s unique needs and help improve the value of your land.

Fall is prime time for the planting partners to visit landowners to evaluate their properties for the 50 Million Tree Program. Interested landowners should act now to set up a site visit. This allows time for site preparation before trees are planted in the spring.

Plant trees on your land – give wildlife a leg up – and help Ontario plant 50 million trees by 2025. To find out more about the 50 Million Tree Program and to submit an application, please visit forestsontario.ca/50MTP

For additional questions, contact the Forestry Outreach Coordinator, Suzanne Perry, at 1.877.646.1193 ext. 239 or at sperry@forestsontario.ca.

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