Woman accidentally leaves Walmart with stranger’s car

Shawna O'Neill, TC Media
Woman accidentally leaves Walmart with stranger’s car
A black Infiniti similar to the one taken in the story. Wikimedia Commons Photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – According to the Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS), a black Nissan Infiniti that was reported missing from a Walmart parking lot in late June was found when a woman tried to return it to a local car rental company this past weekend. The owner of the Infiniti had left his key fob inside the vehicle, and the woman mistakenly took it. 

The woman, who had rented a black Nissan Sentra, proceeded to Walmart following her initial car rental. After shopping, she returned to what she presumed to be her rental car – a black Nissan vehicle, and then proceeded to drive home in it. The woman drove this car for the next two weeks.

When the woman returned to the car rental office two weeks after getting her rental, she commented to the manager about how she was unimpressed with the conditions of the car, noting that there was even a set of golf clubs in it. The woman handed back the keys to a Nissan Infiniti vehicle, which she did not rent.

The manager observed the vehicle and asked the woman where she got it from. The woman said it was the vehicle she had rented two weeks prior, but the manager informed her it was not. He asked her where she had gone following renting the car, and she explained that she went to Walmart.

The woman and the manager attended Walmart together and found the black Nissan Sentra where the woman had parked it two weeks earlier. Embarrassed, the woman returned to the car rental company with the Nissan Sentra and contacted CCPS about the Infiniti she had been driving. The owner of the Infiniti later retrieved his vehicle at the car rental company. 

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