Woman attacks health care worker, tries to bite cop

Woman attacks health care worker, tries to bite cop
Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS) blotter update.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) staff have been assaulted and threatened this month – and now another assault case has emerged at a local health care facility, according to police.

Cornwallite Amy Spirak, 25, was arrested on Thursday, August 14, for striking a 32-year-old health care worker in the head, and attempting to bite an officer as city cops intervened.

She was charged with assault and assault police.

Spirak was released to appear in court on September 9.

Meanwhile, a hair-pulling clash at the hospital between Martintown resident Ronald Kenny and a staff member led to an arrest on Tuesday, August 5. The incident happened on August 1.

A Cornwall woman, 27, was also arrested on Friday, August 8, for threatening to choke a CCH employee the day before.

Carmel Roseler was charged with threats to life and breach of two probation orders for failing to keep the peace.

She was held her for a bail hearing.

Both hospital staff and the Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS) were unable to comment on whether or not a trend of violence in local health care is rising.

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