South Stormont township office re-opened

By Greg Peerenboom
South Stormont township office re-opened
South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis

The South Stormont township office re-opened its doors Tuesday and if a resident happened to bump into Mayor Bryan McGillis he would have welcome news to share.

“We are in a good position here, for our financial shape,” McGillis said.

McGillis was forecasting the municipality will likely avoid having to go to their ratepayers for a noticeable tax increase next year.

He explained, that as a result of the pandemic, the township has fewer expenses, such as running a community pool, which is offsetting any drop in revenue.

McGillis cautioned that a lifeblood sector for the municipality’s well-being is still trying get back on their feet.

“What bothers me the most is for the people with small businesses,” said the mayor, who used to run his own restaurant/tavern.

“We’re trying to get them help to get through this,” he said. He urged businesses to apply to funding organizations available to help businesses survive and even expand in order to deal with COVID restrictions.

“There are hard times right now – we sympathize with everyone.”

He is thankful the township was able to land a future big employer during the pandemic when it sold land this spring to Wills Realco Inc., which intends to build a large distribution centre.

“We’re open for business. We’re moving in a positive direction. When people are spending money, that’s what keeps the economy going.”

The township office had been closed since mid-March as part of the widespread pandemic closures.

McGillis thanked everyone for their cooperation during those uncertain times.

“We had been telling people that we have always been working for the residents as a business operation and service deliverer.

“Everyone who came (to the office) was following precautions and wearing the PPP. So, it was working out well and it was pretty busy.”

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