Final Minute: South Stormont

2022 Municipal Election Coverage
Final Minute: South Stormont

Seaway News asked those running in the 2022 municipal election: tell our readers who you are and why they should vote for you.

Here is what they had to say.


I live in the beautiful Village of Ingleside with my daughter. I am a person with strong values and principles based on honesty, integrity, ethics and morals. I served on the Board of Directors for my daughter’s day care and I was a Brownie Leader with the Girl Guides of Canada for 3 years. I was an advocate for students and parents in various schools. I have always been an animal advocate for all animals and two years ago I rescued a homeless cat (Stormy) that is now part of our family.

I graduated with a Business and Secondary School Diploma from Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute in 1983. Then in 1994, I graduated with a Legal Administrative Assistant Diploma with Honours from the Toronto School of Business. Later, I graduated with a Law Clerk Diploma with Distinction (4.0 GPA) from Northern College in

I decided to run for councillor because I want to ensure that everyone living in our Township is heard, represented and treated equally, fairly and with respect. I want to hear the issues and concerns of the people in our communities and ensure those issues and concerns are addressed in an honest and timely manner. I want to work with the people in our communities to ensure their visions and values are included in all future decisions made for the Township.


My family is at the heart of everything I do. My husband and I are the proud parents of five children. I have become an expert in multi-tasking and conflict resolution! As a Councillor, I consider the immediate needs of our community as well as its long-term good.

I have a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree. I speak English and French fluently. As a former Senior Policy Analyst with nearly 14 years of experience working for the Government of Canada, I know what it takes to transform an idea into a good policy.

I believe in less government, not more. If I want to cut a tree for firewood to heat my house, I want to be able to do that. Being a good steward of my environment means if I don’t plant another tree, eventually I will have no more firewood. I don’t need a government to tell me that.

Growing up on our family farm, work was not defined by the hours, but by the task. I will continue this work ethic as a councillor to serve the municipality. Public Service is a privilege and a trust. I hope I have gained that trust.


My name is Reid McIntyre and I would like to represent you on the Council of South Stormont as a Councillor. I realize that the position of Councillor deserves a lot of time and consideration, as there are many competing interests among you, from every town, village and hamlet.

Our Township continues to face some interesting issues and decisions in the coming years. My experience, my strong organizational and team building skills as well as a wealth of experience in the heavy civil construction industry will work well on your South Stormont Council.

I believe that a good councillor should have three qualities, the ability to think, the willingness to work hard and most of all integrity! You need leaders who will invest in new ideas that challenge the status quo, people who will make decisions based on reliable data, community and stakeholder input and of course common sense.

Citizens need to feel that their time and effort is considered worthwhile, Trust can be destroyed if nothing ever changes as a result of citizen input.

I believe that I would be a profound alternative when you are looking for a dedicated, resourceful, and knowledgeable Councillor for South Stormont.


I am seeking re-election for councillor in South Stormont, I would like to continue working on our current projects and see them come to fruition. We have been a very proactive council, putting in place our first multi year budget. We have been fiscally responsible throughout our 4 year term. I would like to continue working hard for our residents. The waterfront development plan is a work in progress we are working with St. Lawrence Parks commission to help bring this to a reality, as everyone knows there are a lot of government departments that need to give their approval so I truly hope that the next term will see a start to that development.

Our waste water treatment plant in Ingleside needs to be completed as well and I will lobby hard to the governments to provide some funding this will reduce the financial strain on our taxpayers.

I have deep roots in South Stormont and I have our residents best interests at heart while maintaining a positive future for our municipality.

I truly hope I am given another opportunity to continue working for our residents and keep our municipality growing in the right direction.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to our residents.

Many thanks to our residents for their past support and hopefully I will be there for another 4 years.


My name is Andrew Guindon, and I am running for Deputy Mayor of South Stormont. I decided to run for Deputy Mayor because as my wife, Emily, and I look to raise a family here, I want to be part of helping the Township prosper not only for the current generation, but also for the next one. As a lawyer, municipal councillor, and board member for several local charities such as the Agape Centre and the Children’s Treatment Centre, I believe I have the knowledge, experience, and energy to get the job done!

As your Deputy Mayor, some of my top priorities would be to:

1. create a long-term financial management strategy for the

2. upgrade Park and Recreation offerings across the entire municipality; and

3. work with our county, provincial, and federal counterparts to ensure that our senior residents have the necessary public health-care and community support services available to them locally.

Please check out my Facebook Page, Andrew Guindon for Deputy Mayor of South Stormont, to learn more about me and my platform. On October 24, I am asking for your vote so that we can create a bright future for our wonderful township!


My name is Jennifer MacIsaac. It has been an honour and privilege to serve you, the residents of South Stormont these past four years.

I am proud to have been able to advance many great projects throughout my first term of council, but there is still so much work to do. I bring to the table a long history of community advocacy and volunteerism. This, paired with my professional skills, my energy, dedication, and commitment, makes me a strong voice for South Stormont.

I want to carefully manage our community’s growth, maintain our infrastructure, advocate to other levels of government for funding for large projects, increase recreational opportunities for residents of all ages, collaborate with the SLPC for access to our waterfront, expand housing opportunities, stabilize the tax rate, plan for the long term by increasing reserves, and continue to be accountable and available to you, our residents.

Please follow my Facebook page for more information about me, my experience, and my vision for South Stormont.

I have a strong work ethic, am a problem solver, and am passionately dedicated to our community. I humbly ask that you re-elect me as your Councillor on October 24th.

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