Keeping Ontario Open for Business

Provided by MPP Jim McDonell
 Keeping Ontario Open for Business


The old adage, “without your health you have nothing”, requires that we continue to get access to high-quality water.

The Ontario Government is fulfilling that need by investing nearly $6.4 million into several water treatment and storage projects in the Counties and Cornwall. It is part of 144 initiatives in the province receiving partnership investments from the federal government and municipalities as well.

Moving people, food and merchandise safely and efficiently will continue to be top priority. It is why the Government has passed new legislation, Bill 100, Keeping Ontario Open for Business, and has released a new transportation blueprint, Connecting the East: A Draft Transportation Plan for Eastern Ontario.

Bill 100 will help to provide law enforcement the tools to ensure crucial transportation corridors remain open in the case of public demonstrations.

The Connecting the East plan is a key to unlocking our region’s potential by improving busing, building more truck stops and establishing a marine strategy. The plan is a living document which will continue to evolve. The City of Cornwall also took another important step enhancing its transportation system.

The province’s Connecting Links program is investing $274,752 for an environmental assessment on a portion of Brookdale Avenue.

We have seen the positive impact that non-profit organizations have on communities, especially during challenging times such as the pandemic.

I am happy to announce the Resilient Communities Fund provided $609,500 to seven organizations recently so they may continue to enhance residents’ quality of life.

Our region took another step as part of the province’s commitment to deliver 50 Mbps internet connectivity.

Fibre optics is expanding into the Glendale area, thanks to a province-wide investment of $1.2 billion, equally provided by both levels of government.

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