CORNWALL HONDA: Newly independent dealership delivers classic service

CORNWALL HONDA: Newly independent dealership delivers classic service
Meet the Cornwall Honda team (starting from back left): James Bennett

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the sixth in a series of online profiles on eight local vehicle dealerships in Cornwall and area that have signed on to take part in our Win A Car promotion. Check back regularly over the next few weeks for more.

CORNWALL, Ontario – In the Cornwall Honda showroom, one thing is for sure – every driver there is revved up about service and smiling about performance.

Bill Woolley, the new owner of the dealership, said this year’s models are going back to what gave Honda its great image.

“The competition called us over-engineered cars, we build our vehicles better than the average, that’s why they’re superior and last a lot longer,” said Woolley. “The product is phenomenal. And contrary to what people think, they’re right in the market place for pricing.”

For over 30 years, the dealership has been located at 1200 Brookdale Avenue, on the city’s main artery. The transition to becoming locally owned is as fresh as the paint on Honda’s 2014 lineup.

Cornwall Honda’s new owner and operator has been with the company since ’94, and the local branch since ’07 when he moved to Cornwall from the Toronto area. Leaving behind traffic jams, giant malls, and the constant rush for outdoor recreation, picturesque shorelines, and the time to soak it all in.

“I moved here for the opportunity to run the dealership and enjoy a city with better living,” he said. “A lot of people here don’t believe it, but it’s a much better lifestyle.”

Cornwall Honda, recipient of the 2011 Honda Canada Quality Dealer Award, carries a fleet of new and used mint-condition models that come equipped with the highest safety features available.

Honda’s ‘Safety for Everyone’ campaign started in the ‘90s when the company decided that advanced levels of safety would be available in all cars regardless of price. All of their vehicles perform extremely well in crash tests, and come equipped with highly innovative pedestrian safety features.

“The main philosophy is we won’t compromise the safety of a vehicle for price,” said Woolley. “Our least expensive fit has the same amount of safety that our $50,000 top-line Pilot has.”

Improvements in comfort and fuel efficiency, plus revised stylish looks have been made to popular models like the Honda Civic, Accord, CR-V, Fit, Odyssey, Ridgeline, CR-Z, Accord Crosstour, and Hybrid.

Honda has added cutting-edge technology with upgrades like keyless door entry and start systems, HDMI hookups, full navigation apps, smartphone integration, camera systems with lane watch and reverse monitors.

“The sophistication of the car is getting a lot better,” he boasted.

To meet all their clients’ needs, Cornwall Honda also offers replacement parts and upgrades on site. Their customer-friendly service department is more than happy to explain any issue with clients and show them exactly how they plan to fix it.

Honda drivers travel as far as Ottawa for the experience in customer-care and to have their car serviced by Cornwall’s first-rate technicians.

The dealership is equipped with a state-of-the-art alignment machine that offers Road Force Balancing: eliminating vibrations during highway driving and offering an advanced method for mounting tires with extreme-sized rims.

Woolley is a strong believer of shopping local. His store supports charities and fundraising events in Cornwall and the United Counties.

He guarantees that shopping at his dealership will keep money in the community, especially since his oldest son plans on taking over down the road. He will be working towards an automotive business degree after high school graduation this year.

“It’s going to become a family business,” said Woolley.

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