Your Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope



ARIES: You like that your job gives you sta­bility and financial independence. You may be allowed to tra­vel more often with work. Watch your speed behind the wheel this week.

TAURUS: You’ll have an abundance of great ideas this week. You may constan­tly change your plans based on your mood, irritating those around you.

GEMINI: Creativity is born out of chaos. If you’re feeling bogged down, have a second cup of coffee to regain your energy and boost your productivity.

CANCER: After going through a period of intense stress, it’s time to take a step back and rest. Once rejuvenated, you’ll experience a new beginning.

LEO: You’ll put in many extra hours at work. You’ll also find time to re­lax and have fun with your family and friends by participating in fun activities.

VIRGO: You’ll be on cloud nine while on a trip or romantic getaway. You’ll consider the idea of living abroad or going on an expedition.

LIBRA: Change is on the horizon. It may be time to end some toxic friendships to relieve stress. You’ll take a new approach to life that’s more in line with your aspirations.

SCORPIO: Your emotions are running high this week. Avoid putting yourself in a situation where you must make all the decisions; you could face harsh criticism.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll have to use your tenacity to set yourself apart at work. You could be allowed to travel and discover new cultures.

CAPRICORN: You’ll stand out in your circle of friends and colleagues. Those around you will offer you a helping hand as you undergo a personal transformation.

AQUARIUS: With many people on spring break, you could have guests over who could behave poorly and make you pick up after them. Hopefully, you’ll manage to have some fun.

PISCES: Your first idea is the right one. Don’t be fooled by people who don’t know you; trust yourself. A protective family member could slow you down.

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