Beauty as a profession: Makeup artist Taryn Miller

By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario – After seven years, makeup artist Taryn Miller left behind a secure job to join the beauty industry. The skin-deep profession has connected her with major LA photographers and international modeling events in the nation’s capital.

“It just hit me one day. I questioned myself, ‘am I choosing a ‘safe’ route to a fulfilling life to one day have possible regrets and waste my talent and creativity? I thought I want to love what I do,” said Miller.

So she went with her gut, and quit a permanent, full-time government job a few years ago to pursue her passion.

“And I have never looked back,” she said.

Miller was introduced to the beauty industry early, taking modeling classes at the age of 11. The 29-year-old Cornwall-native took an extended hiatus from being in front of the camera and is just recently dabbling back in as an adult. Being behind the lens is where she feels most at home. Miller sees makeup artistry as an art form.

“I was blessed with the ‘art gene’ I inherited from my mom, who studied Graphic Art and is a very gifted artist,” said Miller. “I’m fascinated with how makeup can enhance or even transform someone’s look.”

She has collaborated with some of Ottawa’s most talented professional photographers and continues to work on creative projects to keep her portfolio fresh. In 2012 and 2013, Miller’s popular style also made its mark on Angie’s Models & Talent International Showcase held in Ottawa.

In addition, she’s worked with talented L.A. based photographer, Jae Feinberg, doing makeup for model portfolios.

Adding to her exposure, Miller volunteers as a makeup artist during local fashion shows.

From bridal, fashion to print, she has spent over a decade dolling up thousands of clients. Her professional opinion on the image of beauty sees the value in flaws.

“The problem with the media is that they make us believe that beauty has no imperfections,” said Miller. “Such things lead young girls to trusting that anything but what they see in a magazine or on T.V. is not beautiful. In Reality, a lot of what we see in the media is photo-shopped, cropped and edited. Beauty is more than skin deep.”

Her advice to all women is: when it comes to everyday makeup, less is more, keep it simple. 

“When in doubt, a little Mascara, and lip gloss and you’re good-to-go,” she said.

When working at a shoot, Miller tries to be versatile and open-minded. If the model is posing for an artistic theme, she likes to ‘create’ the look as ideas come to mind.

“The end result is usually very cool,” she said.

Miller also dished some gossip about the makeup choices of current celebrities.

“I see a lot of the ‘Kim Kardashian inspired’ smokey eye and nude lip, which is beautiful for a night look. I am also seeing a lot of the classic red lip this year,” she said. “Once fall hits, the crimson and berry-stained lips will be the trend.”

Miller also made light of the terrible decisions made by superstars that make her cringe as a makeup artist.

“You know, you would think a person who spends most of their time in the limelight, would have their makeup on point 24-7, but I have definitely seen some disasters,” she said.

For her, the transformative nature of her profession is something she shares with others.

“I have brought women to tears of joy when they look in the mirror, once the makeup is complete. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I see that, it is so beautiful,” Miller said. “I am very grateful to work in such a positive environment and do what I truly love.”

To see Taryn Miller’s work or to get in touch, visit, check her Facebook Page: or log on instagram: @tarynmakeup.

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