Agapè Centre leaves guests with food for thought

By John MacGillis
Agapè Centre leaves guests with food for thought
Johanne Couture. Shawna O'Neill/Seaway News photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario –The Agapè Centre opened its doors this July with their Food for Thought Tours to individuals and businesses, striving to show first-hand how they meet the needs of the community.

“Our goal with Food for Thought Tours is really to educate our community on what our needs are, and tools and support we need to get there,” said Johanne Couture, the Agapè Centre’s Executive Director.

The tours last around 30 minutes and take guests through the Agapè Centre, providing a behind the scenes look at the effort that goes into their day-to-day operations.

“People have been really interested to learn about all of the different reasons people would need to use our services,” said Couture. “The image people have in their head of someone who is without food is often not a reflection of reality.”

Through education, more people could be compelled to donate food, financial contributions, or time, according to Couture. Additionally, throughout the summer, financial contributions and food donations are lower than during the holidays.

“With around 125 to 160 lunches being served Monday to Friday, we really could use the support 365 days a year,” said Couture. “We really want people to leave our tours and think about what they can do to help our community. We can’t end hunger alone and really lean into our community for support.”

To see photos from the tour, and find out more about how to get involved, visit the Centre’s Facebook page here.

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