47th Annual United Counties Science Fair Showcases Student Talent

Jason Setnyk
47th Annual United Counties Science Fair Showcases Student Talent
Chairman Jason Marshall, award winner Lily Cumming, and judge Daniel Fontaine at the Science Fair . (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

Cornwall, Ontario – The 47th Annual United Counties Science Fair took place on April 6, 2024, at St. Lawrence Secondary School, showcasing young bright scientific minds. With 39 projects from 11 schools, the fair featured students from Grade 6 to Grade 12. In addition, youth from Grade 1 to Grade 5, also had a chance to shine with their “Science on the Wall” poster presentations.

Jason Marshall, Chairman of the United Counties Science Fair and a science teacher at St. Lawrence Secondary School, emphasized the importance of the event in promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities. “Science fairs are one of the few platforms where students get to excel and shine in STEM-related activities,” he said, highlighting the opportunities for winning scholarships and bursaries for post-secondary education.

Lily Cumming, a student participant from Eamer’s Corners Public School in Grade 6, demonstrated the fascinating science of osmosis with her project on creating a bouncy egg. “My science project was to make a bouncy egg by pouring vinegar in a cup, leaving the egg there for 24 hours, and doing it a second time,” she explained. The experiment transformed the egg, making it more transparent, removing the shell, and toughening the membrane, resulting in an egg that could bounce and survive a fall of 7 inches on some surfaces. Lily won several awards for her project, including the Silver Award, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association Trophy for Best Atom Project, the Pommier Award for Excellence in Science, and the St. Lawrence College Health Sciences Trophy for Best in Botany.

Anita Bedi, from École Secondaire Publique L’Héritage, won several awards for her project on the biodegradation of organic matter by SCOBY culture, earning a trip to the Canada Wide Science Fair and several other awards, including the Chemical Institute of Canada Trophy and the University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship.

Hannah Stone and Maeve Windle from Seaway District Intermediate School were recognized for their project on ocean acidification, and they also won a trip to the national fair and the Rotary Club of Cornwall Plaque for Best Junior Project. In addition, Dolev Klein Harari from Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School received accolades for “The Schizophrenia Software Solution,” and Afaq Virk from CCVS was honored for “Babble2Byte,” highlighting excellence in communication and technology.

Other award winners include Kishori Rajkumar from Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School for “How Does Weather Affect Solar Cell Output,” Alessia MacDonald from St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School (SJSS) for “Go Ahead! Shake my Frame!” and Alessia MacDonald from Eamer’s Corners P.S. for “What is Cancer,” Macyn Perry & Ainsley Brown from Longue Sault P.S. for “To Sphere or Not to Sphere,” Ellie Billard & Ann Liju from St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School for “The Stroop Effect,” Ethan Grainger-Hoos from Viscount Alexander P.S. for “What is Electricity?”, Kacey Claxton from Seaway District Intermediate School for “Newton’s Third Law in Motion,” and Mia Deevy & Reese McDonald from SJSS for “Organic vs Non-Organic Popcorn.”

The fair also welcomed booths from several community organizations, including The River Institute. Emilie DeRochie, River Strategy Project Coordinator, underscored the significance of science fairs in community engagement and inspiring careers in science and trades. “I was inspired to get into science because I love the St. Lawrence River and want to work to protect it,” she said, encouraging youth to explore the rewarding and exciting field of science. For more information on the United Counties Science Fair, email info@ucsfair.org.

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