Cornwall police officers start wearing body cameras

By Richard Mahoney

The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) began its first phase of a body-worn camera pilot project May 29.

The CPS Board originally approved the purchase of body-worn cameras on Jan. 19, 2023. “They will be eventually worn by all front-line officers and will provide an unbiased and independent account of police interactions with the public,” says the police department.

In the initial phase, a controlled group of officers on each shift will be equipped with the device.

“The use of body-worn cameras will provide greater transparency between police officers and the community,” said S/Sgt. George Knezevic. “Body-worn cameras will significantly enhance public trust and accountability by offering transparent and objective records of police interactions.”

The body-worn cameras will be used to:

  • Provide a visual account of police interactions
  • Capture evidence as part of investigations and may streamline court proceedings by minimizing the time and resources needed to resolve a case
  • Promote accountability and professionalism within the police service and support the fair administration and fair resolution of complaints against officers

 All records and evidence captured by the body-worn camera will be stored on a cloud-based platform provided by AXON Canada.

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