Red Ribbon Support for Canadian Troops. 

Red Ribbon Support for Canadian Troops. 
(Photo : icture courtesy of Brian Goodfellow)

Eleanor Bookman and Brian Goodfellow are two Cornwall, Ontario people who believe in making a difference and doing things in support of others.

They wanted to help the local Kinette Club raise funds for its “Chosen Soldier” project sending care packages to troops serving Afghanistan.

Having seen ribbons in support of various causes, it occurred to Eleanor and Brian that our troops deserved the same support. And so, they designed and approximately 4″ x 8″ red ribbon car magnet, keeping with both the colors of Canada’s national flag and the notion that people wear red on Fridays.

After much trial and error, a “design made in Cornwall” tribute to the troops was created.

Now it was a question of distribution and convincing people to purchase the ribbons and to display them on their vehicles. The cost was reasonable $5.00 with an additional dollar if someone wanted it mailed but the project and product needed support from the business community as well.

In stepped Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, TSC Hardware, Food Basics, Staples and dozens of smaller stores throughout eastern Ontario region. They all agreed to allow Eleanor and Brian to set up a table to offer the red ribbons to the public in their stores.

As part of that support, Cornwall city council agreed to put the red ribbons on all emergency vehicles. Also, Brian approached the police chief John Manoll in Brockville, who agreed to have red ribbons placed on his patrol cars.

Showing support on our website Minister of National Defence, Hon. Peter McKay. Chief of Defence Staff General Natynczyk and Max Keeping Ottawa’s legendary local CTV personality support. Also came from Dick Gray, retired president of the southern Ontario’s CTS – TV network, and Jim Brownell, the region’s MPP with letters of support.

Kinette officials had hoped it would raise $1,000 in support of the Chosen Soldier project. In fact, Eleanor ribbons caught the fancy of people from far as ways New Brunswick and PEI and at last count approximately $7,000 has been raised for the cherished care packages that won the Cornwall Kinette Club a national service award.

Eleanor Bookman and Brian Goodfellows efforts are a sound tribute to them and reflect their commitment.

This was our story until Covid hit and everything came to a halt. We are just slowly starting with the “Thank you breakfast” on November 25, 23.

Thank you for your support,

Brian Goodfellow.

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