“Sacred Ground” Sequel from Cornwall Historian Stuart Lyall Manson

Provided by Stuart Lyall Manson
“Sacred Ground” Sequel from Cornwall Historian Stuart Lyall Manson

Cornwall historian and author Stuart Lyall Manson has announced the publication of the second volume of his book series “Sacred Ground: Loyalist Cemeteries of Eastern Ontario.”

Published by Global Heritage Press, this second volume of the book series details the histories of six more of our local heritage cemeteries. It covers five in Glengarry County and one in the City of Cornwall:

* St. Andrew’s United (Williamstown)
* St. John’s Presbyterian (Cornwall)
* Falkner Settlement (South Lancaster)
* Salem United (Summerstown)
* St. Raphael’s R.C. (St. Raphael’s)
* Gleninore (Charlottenburgh)

The book also provides rich biographies of some confirmed loyalists who are buried in those cemeteries. The loyalists were the residents of the American Thirteen Colonies who remained loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). Upon losing the war, they were resettled here in Canada, including in what is now Eastern Ontario.

These six sites are an interesting mix of beautifully-maintained cemeteries, and also those with troubled histories. This dichotomy is well illustrated by this example: One of the cemeteries contains one of the oldest tombstones in Ontario, while two cemeteries have no visible tombstones at all.

Manson is a professional historian who co-owns the historical research firm Public History. He is also the author of other books and articles that explore the early history of Upper Canada (Ontario).

“This work is a labour of love, but with professional rigour” Stuart notes. “It gives me great pleasure to relate the stories of the first non-Indigenous settlers of Eastern Ontario, through the medium of their final resting places. The research is based largely on archival sources that reveal information that has never before been published.”

Some independent praise for the Sacred Ground series:

“The first-rate analysis is complemented by a breezy narrative style that makes for easy reader immersion.” (Dr. Cynthia Comacchio in the Ontario Historical Society Bulletin)

“Everyone who has an interest in the Loyalist regiments that served in Canada, garrisoning its posts and conducting expeditions against the rebels will marvel at Stuart’s accounts of various veterans’ activities before, during and after the war. He has tracked the interrelationships of so many of the settlers in remarkable detail through their military service, adventures, relatives, marriages and children.” (Gavin K. Watt, Loyalist historian and author)

Both volumes of “Sacred Ground: Loyalist Cemeteries of Eastern Ontario” can be purchased through Global Genealogy (www.globalgenealogy.com) or from the author via his website (stuartmanson.wordpress.com).


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