Big rigs keep on truckin’: half-load season pushed back

Big rigs keep on truckin’: half-load season pushed back
United Counties of SD&G building.

By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario – Heavy trucks will be taking advantage of the delayed start to half-load season throughout SD&G and Cornwall this spring.

Cold weather has forced the United Counties and Cornwall to postpone half-load season, the time of year when vehicles are restricted to carrying a maximum of five tonnes per axle on the weaker roads located throughout the region, which was originally set to roll out on Monday.

“We are using our own weather stations to monitor actual surface and subsurface temperatures – the decision when to start the half load season will be based on real-time information,” said County Engineer, Ben de Haan.

He noted that this is the latest start to the half-load season in recent history.

Municipal websites will be updated on a regular basis to provide as much notice as possible on the new start of the half-load season. To ensure construction and shipping companies can maximize on the delays, municipal road managers will be monitoring road conditions daily.

“The Roads Department hopes that companies will take advantage of this unseasonably cold weather now, because we anticipate the half load season will extend longer into the spring than previous years,” he said.

Half-load season protects the roads from wear and tear as the ground thaws, so heavy trucks barrelling through don’t crack the pavement.

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